With the help of my coaching you are invited to to discover your strengths and resources, to take your power back and land in your body grounded with awareness. 

Email me at for sessions.

  • Pantarei Approach sessions at Wasa Wellness in Vaasa, 93 euro per session.
  • online Somatic Coaching sessions that combine embodiment practices such as meditative dance and centering with the ethics of the Pantarei Approach, 120 euro per session.
  • I hold Meditative Dance workshops throughout the year for different durations and prices. More information on dates and themes on facebook and Instagram @meembodied
  • Embodiment coaching for leaders and companies. I offer Pantarei Approach sessions for businesses who value the wellbeing and growth of their employees. Get in touch for an offer that suits the size of your company.
ME EMBODIED Coaching through the body Kristin Ahlbäck
Coaching through the body with Kristin Ahlbäck


“I worked with Kristin for a month on a weekly basis and I had a great experience. With her I learned how to give myself the time and space to feel my body so I can give myself what I need. Specifically when feelings of anxiety and discomfort arise. She was amazing at making me feel safe and relaxed, and I could trust her from the beginning. She has a very positive energy and she adapted to my needs in a way that always felt good. I would love to work with Kristin again and can happily recommend her to everyone.”


Every time I worked with Kristin I was impressed by the depth of the emotional travel in the self. I really liked her presence, I could trust her and felt free to simply be how I am. I love her calm, and her firm but sweet voice, which guided me to a concentrated and deep journey through my body and emotions. I love her positive expression, always there when support was needed.


“I met Kristin as a very clear, wise and heartfelt person. Her unconditional acceptance of whatever showed up during sessions helped me to connect to my strength, while not denying my vulnerabilities, or cutting off from them. Through her touch and guidance I could accept and even start to enjoy all parts of myself, also vulnerabilities and triggers, allowing those parts to change colours, to flow. I am very grateful for the space she is holding for me, and her commitment. Thank you from my heart!”