Somatic Coaching for your transformation process

Somatic Coaching & Meditative Dance for Transformation

Do you currently feel stressed, overwhelmed, fatigued, unfocused, unproductive, stuck, or anxious, and want to connect to yourself? Has the current state of the world left you feeling disconnected and alone? In 1 to 1 somatic coaching sessions we look at your individual needs through a conversation, aiming at connecting you to your body, self-confidence, strengths, values, and your authenticity. Make an appointment and let’s explore your embodiment.

meditative dance as your embodiment practice
Meditative dance as your embodiment practice

Coaching through the body

When we learn to connect to our body, our perspective changes and we become more aware of our senses, of our surroundings, and what we are experiencing.

Including bodywork and touch in your transformation process supports the integration and the processing of your life experiences.

When we land in our bodies we connect to new resources, creativity, our intuition, leaving us feeling less tired, or less stressed. When we come home to the body we can connect emotions to physical reactions and learn to self-regulate. This all in turn affects our relationships to others, and life around us, as we are always connected to a bigger world than that of our own individuality.

Somatic coaching and bodywork with Kristin Ahlbäck
Coaching through the body – Somatic coaching and bodywork

Connect to your soma to transform

As a trauma-informed somatic coach and Pantarei Approach Practitioner, it is my mission to connect my clients to their body, resources and strengths; I facilitate their transformative embodiment process, so that they can improve their life and thrive in this world. Get to know my core values and my professional approach here.

I witness my clients gain insights from their body when they commit to being consciously embodied: Somatic coaching brings you back to your body, your values, your emotions and purpose. My values are the foundation of my work. I believe in coaching from a place of embracing each individual’s unique qualities; respecting your body, mind, emotions, and life journey as a unity; and fostering a culture of safety and trust. I give you space to enter with your story and your body.

Pantarei Approach with Kristin Ahlbäck
Pantarei Approach with Kristin Ahlbäck

When you lose touch with who you are, or what your purpose is, the only way to access your intuition is through the body. You cannot think your way to it.

Kristin Ahlbäck

Meditative dance as your embodiment practice

Dancing allows you to feel life rather than to analyse it. I invite you to an exploration of the energy within you. Experience what it is like to transform through a meditative state of dancing, without thinking about what it looks like. I also incorporate free form dance in our somatic coaching sessions, because I see the profound benefits of implementing an embodiment practice that allows the body’s expression of impulses and present needs to be expressed. Your body holds so much wisdom and resources that are waiting for you to be accessed.

Connecting to your embodiment means to connect to your full being, landing in the body, following your heart and intuition, and tapping into a resourced state. If stress takes over our daily life we can even loose touch with who we really are, as we get side-tracked by the idea of how others perceive us, what is happening around us, or what is expected of us.

I help you connect to your senses and body through movement, breath, touch and imagery; encouraging you to become aware of the moment that is there, to discover your true strength and your ability to self-regulate. I hold the space for you to explore your own expression, so that you can have the space to grow and develop.

Meditative dance helps me dissolve the tension in my body. Kristin’s soothing voice facilitates the fluidity of movement and transports me to a peaceful place. At the end of the session, the feeling of calm stays with me.

Somatic Coaching for your transformation process