What is Pantarei?

The Pantarei approach is a somatic bodywork process that combines our conversation with touch. The Pantarei approach is a hands-on coaching approach that brings you in touch with yourself through your embodiment, and offers you a new way of experiencing and sensing into your process of self-empowerment, self-development, and self-growth. As a somatic therapy it offers you a therapeutic safe space for your self-healing journey.

Pantarei creates space for flow

As our life experiences are embodied in us the Pantarei approach strives to connect the client to their body. As we connect to our life story, our past or current life experiences, our desires and needs through the body, we access our resources and strengths from within. Our body contains our past, present and future, and when we create the space for the body to be included in our life experiences, we can be aware of the constant flow of opportunity; a flow of change that we are in.

Heraclitus was a Greek philosopher on movement and change, and he stated that no man ever steps into the same river twice, because the river does not stay the same and he is not the same man. As we are in constant change, in constant motion, we have the opportunity to embrace that as well as discover what it is to embody it – to embody the motions of life, and to connect to it through our body, our felt life experience. The meaning of Pantarei in ancient Greek is ”everything flows”.  Are you aware of this concept, how life and our being is in constant change and motion?

Pantarei Approach is empowering

Your Pantarei approach process will focus on you embodying the flow of change. The somatic bodywork lets your analytical mind quiet down for a moment and lets the body find its ways to communicate. Perhaps letting your own body lead the way is more beneficial for you than following steps in a self-help book. Finding flow in your body, in your body’s own time, allows you to drop any expectations of needing to complete your self-improvement as if through a checklist. When you access your strengths and resources from within yourself rather than from a list of someone else’s values or habits, you can step into your own power.

A Pantarei process invites you to be curious about your own unique process. The Pantarei approach is not about quick solutions to your problems, or implementing new habits, but about connecting you to your strengths and your inner wisdom. The Pantarei approach includes your embodiment in your life story, and gives it a safe space where all that your body holds is honored for its inner wisdom. Allowing the flow of your life to unravel has a profound impact on your life.

Uniqueness at the heart of the Pantarei Approach

We all bring our personal uniqueness with us into everything we do, and the Pantarei approach emphasises that we are all unique even if you might not think so, or still don’t know exactly what it is that makes you unique. As we connect you to your embodied life experiences, your strengths and resources, the uniqueness becomes brighter and clearer. A skilled Pantarei practitioner will see your uniqueness clearly, perhaps offering you a completely new perspective. Uniqueness can sound like a very general positive compliment, but it is also our core personified – that which makes us resilient and resourceful. You are you, and no one is like you, because your life experiences are different, your upbringing is yours alone, your values are specific to your upbringing and beliefs, and your dreams and desires are uniquely yours. Knowing and embracing your uniqueness is empowering.

In some cultures or generations the concept of uniqueness may be belittled, and anyone trying to stand out could get teased for it. In the North we might have grown up with jantelagen, a cultural law or custom that emphasises how we are all the same, all in it together, so don’t try to stand out or believe that you are special. In my experience, it holds people back from stepping into their power and authentically expressing themselves, too embarrassed to be seen for who they really are, their skills, strengths, faults and all. Exploring and being curious about your uniqueness opens up your self-awareness and perception of compassion for yourself and others.

Accompanying you in each life chapter

Similarly, each practitioner is also unique, with their life experiences, cultural background, and professional experiences. When you find a practitioner who you resonate with you might well have found a beautiful connection that will last for a very long time, accompanying you throughout your personal life chapters, as we move forward in times of change, expansion and growth. As the world continues constantly to change and expand, it requests us to grow with it too, and to flow, grounded in ourselves.

I am a certified Pantarei Approach Practitioner abiding by the ethics of the Pantarei Approach. You can read them in full and more on my coaching here

To learn more about the approach, familiarize yourself with the content written by the founders on pantareiapproach.com 

Pantarei Approach, Somatic bodywork combining conversation and touch.
Somatic bodywork combining conversation and touch. Image by Benjamin Wedemeyer, Unsplash.

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