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AI cannot replace our need for Human Connection

Do we value human connection in this time of disconnection? I stumbled upon Neurochallenge Finland, a hackathon that takes place next month, where participants are being encouraged to team up and come up with ideas on how to build tech that promotes brain health in the aging population. My immediate thought is that games, crosswords, […]

Why Embodiment Practices Matter During Personal Crisis

What embodiment practices or routines support you to anchor in life, to stay connected to your inner compass, so that it keeps pointing you in the right direction? What practice of yours helps you to connect to your life, or to ground you in your life experience? With an anchoring embodiment practice we find our […]

What is Pantarei?

The Pantarei approach is a somatic bodywork process that combines our conversation with touch. The Pantarei approach is a hands-on coaching approach that brings you in touch with yourself through your embodiment, and offers you a new way of experiencing and sensing into your process of self-empowerment, self-development, and self-growth. As a somatic therapy it […]

How bodywork teaches you to listen to your body

Bodywork is a form of alternative therapy or coaching through the body, with many different types of techniques or approaches available for those curious to explore their state of being through body wisdom and touch. Your body stores your past experiences, your traumas, and old stories that you tell yourself, and keep reinforcing. But your […]

6 Ways to Consciously Connect to Your Embodiment

What is it to consciously connect to your embodiment and what makes up your embodiment? Can a person be disconnected from themselves, and does that change their embodiment? We are all embodied through our experiences, our way of living our lives, our traumas, and our beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in. This […]