Pantarei Approach – Somatic bodywork

Bodywork allows us to take the somatic coaching deeper into the body, and work hands on, with the body as the communicator. The sessions are based on a conversation where you have the opportunity to express your current needs or issues. You can bring a topic to the session, or a topic is born out of our conversation. From the conversation we move into somatic bodywork. Through touch we connect you to your body and emotions, which, together with your thoughts, are allowed the space to be expressed and released. Somatic bodywork connects you to your embodied uniqueness and strengths, hence offering you another perspective on what you are going through.

When we connect to our body we build resilience. When we express our emotions and needs, we find our true strengths and uniqueness, which helps us gain profound insights, to make significant life changes, to follow our purpose, to believe in our vision, and accomplish our goals.

Pantarei Approach sessions by Kristin Ahlbäck

Why does touch matter?

When we connect to our body through touch we sense into our physical being. Physical touch is not only a human need, but it also has the ability to ground us, and get us out of our fears and insecurities. Touch enables your body to communicate beyond what we discussed in the beginning of our session. Connecting to your embodiment leaves you feeling energised, empowered, resourced, and puts you in a loving dialogue with yourself.

As a certified Pantarei Approach Practitioner I respect the ethics of the Pantarei approach, which you can read in full here.