Meditative Dance – Workshops

I invite you to try out a new way of connecting to your soma. Meditative dance is about letting your sensations and impulses lead you in a flow. My workshops allow you to stay in a flow of motion, finding your inner rhythm through imagery, touch, voice, breath, and your sensations that connect you to the movement that simply always is within you. Free form movement allows you to express and follow impuls, connecting you to your playfulness and needs.

My workshops include a grounding meditation sequence, either seated or laying down in stillness. You are welcome to enter the space with all that you carry inside in that moment, to explore your expression authentically, with my guidance.

I invite you to join my intimate Meditative Dance Workshops, in a heartwarming space in Vaasa, Finland.

Check facebook events or Instagram @meembodied for upcoming dates and prices.

Meditative Dance Workshops
Meditative Dance Workshops with Kristin in Vaasa

Benefits from meditative dance

Through meditative dance, or free form movement you are encouraged to allow the impulses within you to be expressed. When we do, we get into a mindful state, a flow of movement and expression. Meditative dance allows you to get out of your head and into the body, where you connect to your true expression without thinking about looks or performance.

The benefits I see from such a practice is that it connects you to your full expression, lets you meet a playful side of you, and lets you access creativity and intuitive flow. Additionally, meditative dance lets you release tension, stress, headache, anxiety, worry, overwhelm, or whatever it is that we bring to the workshop. Meditative dance allows you to be aware, connected and present in your body long term.