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6 Ways to Consciously Connect to Your Embodiment

What is it to consciously connect to your embodiment and what makes up your embodiment? Can a person be disconnected from themselves, and does that change their embodiment? We are all embodied through our experiences, our way of living our lives, our traumas, and our beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in. This […]

Self-agency from connecting to your body

Self-agency is a decision to connect with your body to lead a healthier, better life; to understand the wisdom and communication of the body. You are responsible for your actions and understanding your reactions. When you get more familiar with your sensory system and what your emotions actually feel like physically, you open up to […]

Release stress and tension with an embodiment practice

We can lead healthier and happier lives when we are present in the body, grounded, aware, connected, and without being overwhelmed by stress responses. Stress in itself cannot be avoided, but our response can be managed and the tension can be released. So what can you do when you want to stop ignoring the patterns […]