How to Align with your Purpose and Vision

What has your purpose and vision got to do with your embodiment? Having a purpose means having a vision and hope for your future. To align with your purpose is to allow for that vision to be felt in your body, and to follow what feels good, inspiring and desirable. You could call this your gut feeling, but the sensations can appear anywhere in your body. In this way your sense of hope, your visions for your future, and a purpose-driven life are all embodied. Aligning with your purpose means to allow yourself to be led by your power and your gifts and skills; following what feels good for you.

Doing what you love gives you energy

If you feel like you have not found your purpose you might feel like something is missing in your life. Maybe you are staying in your comfort zone, and shape shifting for the sake of fitting into the environment you are in. This can make you feel unempowered, exhausted and unhappy. Doing what you love gives you energy, joy, fulfillment, because it is aligned with your purpose here on earth, and allows you to be yourself truthfully. If you don’t yet know what you love, connecting to yourself, your embodiment will help you get closer to it. 

Connecting to your passions and interests brings you closer to your purpose, and learning how to connect with yourself brings you to a closer understanding of your life experiences, what you are sensing and the emotions you are feeling; realizing what feels natural, satisfying, and good to do, and on the other hand, what creates resistance in your body. Becoming familiar with your embodiment, emotions, sensations, patterns, culture, behavior, allows you to get to know yourself. Connecting to your embodiment will allow you to hear your soul’s whisper.

Follow joy and your soul’s whisper

Following joy, and following what makes you light up, shows you what you love to do. Listening to which qualities people praise you for, and what skills and responsibilities you get complimented on, tells you what areas you are talented in. 

These are all whispers that call you to knowing your purpose. It is your soul aligning with what it wants to achieve. Each chapter of our life guides us towards our life purpose, allowing you to figure it out when you are ready.

While seated in a calm spot, sensing into your body, ask yourself:

  • What are patterns you can see throughout your life, what made you feel good, or useful, or helpful throughout your life? 
  • What were you complimented on, or praised for, what qualities have people highlighted in you? 
  • Which patterns replay themselves throughout your life as you think of your hobbies, jobs, or creative project ideas?

I believe that when something pulls you towards it, when something fascinates you so much that you want to dedicate your time and energy to it, it is because it has chosen you, and will have a deep impact in your life. Your purpose is within that interest area, and you will know it because it will feel good in your body.

Let go of expectations and find flow

When you are aligned with your truth you will feel energized, receptive, and intuitive, like you are fluid and in flow. When not, you might feel depleted, guarded, anxious or agitated, stuck and not at ease, because you are going against your truth or trying to fit into someone else’s expectations of what you should do with your life. These expectations may come from your family but could also be cultural. When you decide to let go of those expectations and lean into what feels good, what you are good at doing, and what you enjoy doing, all roads will lead you to your life purpose. 

Others’ expectations are theirs, not yours. Realize where you end and they begin, and reclaim your space to explore your life journey and your purpose and truth. Sense into your body and ask: what aligns with your own vision and your truth?

Letting go of your expectations can be very difficult because you might have to let go of old habits and beliefs about how you should be and what you should do. But once you allow yourself to follow what makes you feel energized and at ease, you will be able to find the flow in your life journey.

Let your body lead you to your purpose

Practice connecting to your embodiment through meditations, breathing, meditative dance, or free movement. Set the intention to connect with your body, to discover yourself anew, to connect to your inner guidance and true power. Practice connecting to your vision.

Being in a comfort zone can actually become so uncomfortable that it causes great distress, leaving you bored, irritated and unmotivated. Comfort zones can even make you physically ill if it does not allow you to step into your personal power, joy, and creative energy. 

Practice connecting to your vision

If you currently feel stuck, sense into what it feels like to imagine yourself moving away from there.

  • What would it look like for you to move on from there, to move through it into another direction? 
  • How does that thought feel in your body? What emotions come up? 
  • What can you see? 
  • Which sensations can you feel? 
  • What could support you now as those sensations and emotions come up?

Physically find your center. Breathe. Shake your body. Ground yourself. What comes up for you when you allow yourself to let go and connect to your purpose and vision? Let it move through you. Where you are right now, where you came from, and what you learned there, are all a step on the way to finding your purpose.

Aligning with your purpose is empowering, as it will have you taking action on hopes and dreams, and listening to a gut feeling that you might not have given space to previously. Connecting to your embodied vision is your responsibility. Connecting to your gut feeling, what your dreams feel like in your body, will allow you to understand your vision in a more secure and grounded way. Have a sense of agency for opening up to your vision and discovering your purpose. Enjoy the experience you are having while you are on the path of finding your purpose. When you are open to discovering it, you are allowing it to come to you.

Embody your Vision and Purpose. Image by Aditya Saxena, Unsplash.
Embody your vision and purpose. Image by Aditya Saxena, Unsplash.

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